This endpoint allows integrators to request a valid JWT that is required by the wallet/sign endpoint. The JWT is requested from this endpoint using the API Key provided to the integrators. The token is valid for 15 minutes and can only be used once.

Signature Key

The tokens are signed with a symmetrical key using HMAC256. This key can be shared upon contacting us if you would like to generate your JWTs.

JWT Payload

  "id": "1",            //id of the user  
  "exp": 1712873700,    //expiration time of the jwt  
  "jti": "testjti",     //jti to prevent replay attacks  
  "id_type": "userId",  //type of the id to identify the user. could be userId, userUuid or address  
  "version": 1,         //version of the endpoint  
  "iss": "artemis",     //integrator the jwt belongs to  
  "iat": 1712872800     //issued at  
iduser id, the value must relate to an existing user
id_typetype of id for the user id. values could be one of userId, userUuid, address.
iatissued at time in Unix timestamp seconds
expexpiration time in Unix timestamp seconds, should be iat + 15 minutes.
issintegrator slug
jtiunique id for JWT to prevent replay attacks. also valid for 15 minutes
versionversion of the API endpoint


Here are potential errors you might encounter:

HTTP Status Code 400
'id' must not be empty
'id_type' must not be empty
id_type must be one of: userId, userUuid, address
HTTP Status Code 401
apikey is invalid
HTTP Status Code 500
internal server error
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