We offer two environments for integration, a playground (sandbox) and production.

  • Playground: https://api.playground.engine.get-blockchain.io
  • Production: https://api.production.engine.get-blockchain.io

Each environment will require a separate API key and this will be provided.

Playground Environment

The playground environment is intended to be used as a self contained test environment for your integration with the Ticket Engine API. Playground transactions are unmetered and will not be billed.

To offer a production-like environment, all transactions generated by this environment will happen on the public mainnet of the blockchain network although no real GET funds will be used. Data on the public mainnet is still public and accessible to anyone through blockchain explorers so usage of mock data is highly recommended.

Because this uses the mainnet blockchain network transactions you make will require real funds to initiate transactions at the network level. The Ticket Engine abstracts away the complexity of managing these blockchain account balances but we do not recommend running extended stress-tests on the playground environment.

Production Environment

The production environment will also write transactions to the public blockchain mainnet. Like playground, expect everything written to the mainnet to be immutable and as such should be treated with care. The production environment has been optimised for high-volume ticket sales and is designed to handle all load profiles.

Prior to registering sold tickets on production you will first need to top-up your account from within the Integrator Dashboard to fund NFT minting on the protocol.


It is possible to query on-chain records directly using the GET Protocol Subgraph, hosted on TheGraph. This service indexes all GET Protocol blockchain events into a GraphQL interface and data store that updates in real-time. It is possible to query this Subgraph to assess blockchain-level information:

The Subgraph is open-source and further documentation on how to use it is available on the Github repository.

Blockchain Explorers

Once you have started successfully sending requests to the Ticket Engine API the natural next step may be to check the blockchain records to see the transaction written to the chain. The easiest way to do this would be to access the Ticket Explorer to view your transactions being written in real-time. Take a look at the Ticket Explorer Environments to access the explorer for your environment.

After finding the ticket that you have just created, you can navigate through to the ticket timeline page and then find a link to the blockchain explorer transaction for the request submitted.

Polygonscan is the recommended explorer for Polygon mainnet and inputting the txHash for a given action will return the batch in which that action was committed to the blockchain.