We often refer to blockchain operations within the Ticket Engine without referring to a specific blockchain. This is because a design goal of GET is to be blockchain-agnostic. This doesn't mean that blockchain selection can ever be completely unopinionated, but it's important to recognise that this is a fast moving industry and we ensure that we operate on platforms that can support the level of demand and traffic we need, without inflated costs.


Because of these constraints, we write our event and ticket data to Polygon by default as this has been proven to be able to support our current demand and ecosystem requirements.

Polygon has developed strong integrations with social media platforms and NFT marketplaces meaning the NFT tickets you create with GET Protocol will be well supported on a dependable network. Polygon has also committed to going carbon neutral in 2022, which ensures that the NFTs minted on GET Protocol are environmentally sound.

Our Polygon-deployed smart contracts are available if you are interested in viewing the lower-level blockchain data directly.

Alternative Chains

As blockchain technology becomes more widespread it's not unheard of that customers in certain verticals or industries may already be affiliated with or have produced NFTs on a particular blockchain and would like to produce their NFT tickets on that chain.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all decision making process on whether we would be able to accomodate these requests, we consider the following factors important on predicting the success of an integration:

  • The ticket volume you are able to provide.
  • Is the blockchain EVM compatible?
  • Are there reliable & enterprise-level RPC node providers available?
  • Is the network supported by TheGraph?
  • Are there reputable bridges and decentralised exchanges?
  • Is the chain cost efficient?
  • Does it have good ecosystem and third-party marketplace & tooling support?


Every integration has different trade-offs and demands and must be assessed independently. Should a specific blockchain network be a requirement for your use-case then get in touch.