What is the Ticket Explorer?

The Ticket Explorer is an interface to read GET Protocol blockchain ticket information. Because of the transparency and open nature of the blockchain, all tickets from all integrators will be visible within the explorer. It acts as a public gateway to tickets registered & distributed using the Ticket Engine.


Use the Ticket Explorer to:

  • View registered tickets and events on the blockchain.
  • See the timeline of an individual ticket.
  • Browse statistics on traffic flowing through the platform.
  • View the collectible tickets claimed for a blockchain wallet address.
  • Access the raw blockchain transactions for a ticket.

Transparency in Ticketing

Browse the Ticket Explorer to see the latest statistics and minted tickets.

Each ticket created on the protocol has a unique ID known as the nftId and is compsed of three components; the chainId, the eventIndex, and the tokenId. Put together these act as the global NFT identifier that can be used to find any ticket minted on any chain, for any event. For a the 12th NFT minted for event 6 on the Polygon network would have the ID POLYGON-6-12.

The Ticket Explorer is used to display a timeline of events for that ticket, including the metadata provided when creating an event using the Ticket Engine. Transparency is at the heart of what we offer and the ticket explorer offers a convenient way allow your users to check the validity of their ticket, even just by redirecting them to their ticket using the NFT ID.

Upon recieving a callback with a promise ID to confirm the transaction has been processed, the actions endpoint will return both an nftId as well as an explorerUrl that can be used to link a user to their ticket on the explorer.


See the history of a ticket on the timeline page using its nftId.

Tickets as Collectibles

After the event cycle (or more accurately as soon as a ticket is scanned), the ticket will be eligible to be claimed. Processing a claim transfers the ticket NFT to an address managed externally to GET Protocol, typically the wallet address of a user that wishes to claim their own ticket as an item of digital memorabilia.

Because this represents true digital ownership the process of claiming is not reversible. It becomes fully owned by the destination address and is free to be tracked and traded on third party marketplaces such as OpenSea.