Media Metadata

Media NFT content is now supported on tickets and events, enabling event cover media and NFT ticket media content. Media content can be of any type which can be played within an iFrame e.g. video/audio urls. YouTube content is also supported.

A mediaUrl is now available when creating soldTicket actions on/stream endpoint to have your tickets display the media on marketplaces that support media content. Alternatively, you can set a defaultNftMediaUrl when creating a newEvent action so that all tickets for that event fallback to this default when not provided their own specific media.


  • Added coverMediaUrl on Stream newEvent and updateEvent request data fields.
  • Added defaultNftMediaUrl on Stream newEvent and updateEvent request data fields.
  • Added mediaUrl on Stream soldTicket and updateTicket request data fields.
  • Renamed imageUrl on StreamnewEvent and updateEvent requests to coverImageUrl.
  • Renamed uri on Stream on soldTicket and updateTicket requests to imageUrl.
  • Added animation_url on Metadata responses when media is set.
  • Added youtube_url on Metadata responses, when media is set and is a valid YouTube url (<> is also accepted).


To see how this would look and behave on OpenSea, you can view a ticket containing media NFT content.