Perform Actions using Blockchain IDs

It is now possible to provide a blockchain-native ID format to actions that update existing tickets. This is useful in the case where you need to accept user-driven updates, such as a metaverse event in which a user will scan the NFT ticket in a virtual setting. In these cases you will be able to retrieve the ticket ID that has been authenticated along with an event (contract) address using blockchain interactions and subsequently update your ticket metadata or state.

Actions that now support blockchain IDs:

  • updateTicket
  • resoldTicket
  • scannedTicket
  • checkedInTicket
  • claimedTicket
  • invalidatedTicket

When updating using the blockchain-based nftId it is important to not also submit the ticketId and you must only provide one or another.

The nftIdis in the format POLYGON-12-204, where 12 would be the eventIndex associated with that on-chain event contract and 204 would be the tokenId of the individual ticket.